Our work is supported by a team of advisors. 


Jim Adams, artist and sculptor
Jenn Brandel, journalist and founder of WBEZ's Curious City and Hearken 
Devin Browne, independent filmmaker and journalist
Ben Calhoun, producer for This American Life and Serial
Cate Cahan, editor, WBEZ
John Casteen, poet and essayist, University of Virginia
John Guzlowski, independent poet and essayist
Alex Kotlowitz, journalist and author
Chenjerai Kumanyika, journalist, organizer, assistant professor, Rutgers University School of Communication and Information
Daegan Miller, historian
Emily Sapienza, history and English teacher, The Community School, Camden, ME
Shea Shackelford, producer, Big Shed Audio + Media
Julie Shapiro, executive producer, Radiotopia / PRX
Alexandra Solomon, editor, Curious City / WBEZ